The Doll who Loved me

2022 (Early access)

An incel is haunted by his sex doll

John is a loser. A loner. A hopeless, broken young man trapped between a rock and a hard place—or, as he would put it, between wage slavery and suicide.

Desperate to relieve himself of his crippling loneliness, he makes an impulsive purchase of an ultra-realistic sex doll—only to find out that the doll is haunted, and that she is out for his soul just as hungrily as she is for his d-!

Join him in a journey of self-discovery and self-love as he fights to escape from the unquenchable thirst of his demon dominatrix and discovers love, friendship, and acceptance in the strangest of circumstances.

Genre: horror, erotica
Release date: TBA
Language: English (American)
Length: 754 pp. (estimate; paperback)
Publisher: Potemkin Books

A tale of love and self-acceptance